Pets Bring Joy is fueled
by volunteer power,
for which we are
extremely grateful!

In 2018, over 150 volunteers
collectively donated over
7,500 hours of their time to PBJ.

The rescue part of our mission is running well --
367 adoptions year to date as of October 20th and 1,741 lives saved since 2013 -- but we can always use more help!

In addition to staffing our day-to-day rescue operations, we are also in need of assistance with fundraising and marketing, and have many exciting ideas to pursue in support of our community programs as well.

If you love animals and want to help us make a difference, please review the volunteer opportunities below, then please click here to complete a no-obligation volunteer interest questionnaire.

Revised on October 30, 2019
Pet Transporter ("Kitty Uber Driver") From time to time, we need help transporting a kitty or two from point A to B: from a shelter to a foster home, or from an adoption venue to a vet appointment, etc. Sometimes the trips are short -- e.g., from Fairfax to DC -- and sometimes longer -- e.g., from Culpeper to Fairfax or from Winchester to DC.

We maintain an email mailing list of kitty uber volunteers, and whenever we need a driver, we email everyone on the list: if you can help, you reply, and if you can't, you don't -- simple as that!  Some of our drivers only help once every few months, which is PURRfectly fine.

Volunteer at PetMAC in DC Our PetMAC DC adoption venue, located on Wisconsin Avenue NW in Tenleytown, is looking for volunteers to help with cat care for some of our morning and evening shifts ... come spend an hour helping to feed the kitties, tidy up their litter boxes, and most importantly, to give the kitties lots of LOVE!

If you would like to be a PetMAC DC volunteer, please email Lori at -- no need to fill out a separate volunteer interest questionnaire.

Fairfax VA Kitty Care Volunteer Both of our Fairfax, Virginia based adoption venues are looking for kitty care volunteers:
  • East Fairfax PetSmart located at the corner of Pickett Road and Main Street

  • Pet Supplies Plus located at the intersection of Little River Turnpike, Lee Highway, and Route 50
Come spend an hour helping to feed the kitties, tidy up their litter boxes, and most importantly, give them lots of LOVE!

Fairfax VA Adoption Event Volunteer PBJ holds adoption events on Saturdays from 12 noon - 2 PM; we are looking for volunteers to help at our two Fairfax, Virginia based adoption venues (see locations above) with greeting visitors, answering questions, and showing our cats to potential adopters.

We are looking for:
  • Regular volunteers willing to commit to one specific weekend a month (for example: every first Saturday), as well as

  • Substitute volunteers willing to fill in when a regular volunteer cannot make it to her/his shift.
Computer-Based Admin
Work from Home
Most of the administrative work we do involves keeping track of things using spreadsheets -- we're heavy users of Google Sheets, which is a simpler form of Excel. If you know the basics of either one, you'll be good to go to help us out! You don't have to be available on a daily basis ... if you can devote some time once a week to a specific task, we'd be most appreciative.

Photographer We could use two types of photography help:
  • Photographing special events, such as our participation in the upcoming Fairfax Fall Festival, and

  • Snapping photos of foster cats in their homes.
You needn't have a fancy camera -- a smartphone will do just fine. :o)

Videographer If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth 1,000 photos! Again, we don't need a fancy video -- smartphones do amazing jobs at capturing video, and if you are able to use one of many free apps to add a bit of "magic" in the form of captions, music, etc., even better! We like posting videos of our kitties to Petfinder and Adopt a Pet to help potential adopters fall in love even quicker.

Artist/Illustrator We have many ideas for projects that require the talents of an artist/illustrator, ranging from ideas for childrens books to t-shirts to artwork for promotional materials.

If you are interested in helping us in this capacity, please email us at -- no need to fill out a separate volunteer interest questionnaire.

Medical and Hospice Fosters In addition to traditional foster homes, we are in need of medical and hospice fosters.
  • Medical fosters are people who are willing and able to foster a cat that is in need of (possible) isolation and medical care while he/she is ill -- routine medical care that a pet parent would be expected to be able to give if their own pet were ill.

    Medical care may involve giving oral medications (liquid or pills), administering eye or ear drops/ointment, applying topical skin medications, taking temperatures, or changing dressings on surgical sites.

  • Hospice fosters are people willing to care for a cat whom we know is terminally ill and whose life expectancy is only a few months yet whose quality of life is still good such that, with proper medical care, can live out his/her days happy and comfortable in a loving home.
"We Care" Business Liaisons Do you have a hairdresser, dentist, orthodontist, auto mechanic, favorite family restaurant, or other favorite small business owner that you visit frequently and know well? Consider talking to them about becoming a PBJ "We Care" partner. As part of PBJ's We Care About Our Community program, we are looking for people willing to serve as liaisons with one or more local businesses who are willing to partner with PBJ in one of several ways as described on our "We Care" page.

Email Jacquie at and she'll be happy to work with you in getting started.

Grant Researcher/Writer We are looking for people to assist us with:
  • Researching sources of funding -- private foundations, corporations, and Government organizations offering grants that relate to PBJ's mission and community programs;

  • Helping us to craft proposals to request such funding, whether those be unsoliticed proposals or in response to formal RFPs.
Fund Raising Event Coordinator There are many different types of fund-raising events, both large and small: car washes, bake sales, wine-tastings, yard sales, golf tournaments, and the list goes on! If you would like to coordinate a fund-raising event on behalf of PBJ, we'd love for you to do so, and will provide you with the social media exposure and volunteer support you need to make it a success! :o)

Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator PBJ is passionate about mentoring youth so as to instill passion for community service at any early age, for they are our next generation of volunteers, philanthropists, and non-profit entrepreneurs.

There are many ways to get involved as a youth mentor with PBJ - here are but a few ideas:
  • By engaging in a special project with students in a classroom or scouts in a troop;

  • By helping us to launch and oversee our upcoming Teach Love. Foster. program designed to:

    • Teach school-aged children (and their families) compassion for animals while caring for one of our animals through our foster program;

    • Offer service learning credit hours for students who need to complete this requirement for graduation.

    This program is scheduled to launch in September, but students can acquire community service learning hours any time as it is a year-round opportunity through PBJ.
Whether you'd like to take on a single project working with youth, or become our coordinator for the youth mentorship program as a whole, we'd love to hear from you!

Revised on October 30, 2019

Sincerest thanks for your support!

Jacquie Barker
Founder and Executive Director